The area in which the Amador García winery is situated has been blessed by nature with excellent characteristics for growing vines. 

It has also forged the spirit of this winery founded in 1969 and of a family which cossets this privileged land with the wisdom passed on from one generation to the next.

Bodegas Amador García offers you our family of wines, rich in essence and tradition and made with the best, most modern winemaking techniques.

After passing through vats in which it undergoes two fermentation processes, the wine slumbers gently in the belly of oak casks, which piece together its flavours and aromas with the fruity subtleties provided by the grapes, remaining in this state for months.

Silence and patience age and round off the wine in French oak barrels, reflecting the regular measured work of our people. The last stage takes place in the bottle room, culminating a lengthy patient process that reaffirms our commitment to tradition and quality.

Casks in Amador García

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